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Voxers on TV!

Monday, January 14th, 2008 by Gabi

I know it is a late notice, but here they are:

ABC NetworksThe Voxer 18 LowCarb will make a cameo appereance on ABC’s Good Morning America with Billboard’s Top New Country Artist of 2007, Jason Michael Carroll, this Thursday, January 17, for a live performance that will include his second smash single, “Livin’ Our Love Song”.

WGN ChicagoAlso around the same date (TBA), the Voxer 18 will also be seen on Chicago’s WGN (Channel 9) Morning Show, manned by the outstanding guitar player STIK and his band 1969 in a very cool live performance.

Inverted Cappuccino?

Friday, January 11th, 2008 by Gabi

Earlier last summer I got a customer (thanks Taylor!) asking if there is anything ELSE that can be done in terms of Gabrièl amp skin color schemes – other than the given one, specially now that the Bumblebee is temporarily in his bee hive, hibernating (for a while that is).
I wondered how come it didn’t hit me between the eyes the fact that I can “invert” a color scheme (in this case the Cappuccino) giving a whole new design, with its own personality but retaining the same identity to my amps.
That’s how the “inverted” Cappuccino came into the world. A couple pics here.

So what do you think of it???