Closing Doors

Shack Door

Shack Door


Dear GSG Fans

Time has come to close the doors of the Sound Garage after a decade. What a fun ride this has been! Looking back, I am so thankful for all the friendships I’ve been blessed with, which will outlast the actual amps (not that they won’t last if you keep replacing the tubes). I wanted to take this time to truly THANK YOU for your support, friendship, business and mainly trusting me with building your tone machine.
I do hope that my amps left a mark in your musical life and beyond. I know they did in mine. It was pure bliss building each one of them personally and sending them off as kids to college hoping they’ll perform.
As for me, I am on to new ventures and chapters in my life as many of you know I cannot sit still.

Best of wishes, and thank you!

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