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Closing Doors

Monday, March 10th, 2014 by Gabi
Shack Door

Shack Door


Dear GSG Fans

Time has come to close the doors of the Sound Garage after a decade. What a fun ride this has been! Looking back, I am so thankful for all the friendships I’ve been blessed with, which will outlast the actual amps (not that they won’t last if you keep replacing the tubes). I wanted to take this time to truly THANK YOU for your support, friendship, business and mainly trusting me with building your tone machine.
I do hope that my amps left a mark in your musical life and beyond. I know they did in mine. It was pure bliss building each one of them personally and sending them off as kids to college hoping they’ll perform.
As for me, I am on to new ventures and chapters in my life as many of you know I cannot sit still.

Best of wishes, and thank you!

Happy Birthday First Born Gabriel Amp!

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2012 by Gabi

I can’t believe it! I still remember the day(s) when I first stumbled over the 18watt forum over on yahoogroups and getting to know the extraordinary people and friends there in early 2002, getting all fired up about building, starting gathering parts for the 1×12″ 18watt combo, building the actual cabinet, tolexing (I hated that!) chassis and everything, including the goosebumps I got when I first hit the STANDBY on switch! So yes, today that First Born amp is 10 years old!

the First Born Gabriel 18 watt amplifier

the First Born Gabriel 18 watt amplifier

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