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Checking Your Speakers For Scratches

Thursday, June 27th, 2013 by Gabi

Did your speaker develop a nasty buzz lately? Chances are that the voice coil became off-centered and it touches the magnet. Here’s how to check your speaker for voice coil scratching against the magnet. It happens even on new speakers — the magnet becomes off centered and the coil starts rubbing against it inducing some pretty nasty buzz.
The cheapest Celestion AlNiCo Blue on Planet Earth is here.

The Stinger Shootout Video

Monday, March 7th, 2011 by Gabi


So I finally edited the video with the Gabriel Stinger 7 watt speaker shootout results. Quite impressive. Some performed as expected, some below and certain speakers were just outstanding! certainly I picked the one I liked but I am curious of your impressions. Please leave a comment below with the one(s) you liked.

Stinger Teaser Video

Thursday, March 3rd, 2011 by Gabi

Gabriel Stinger Rig

Played yesterday with the first Stinger Head and shot this video to have an idea of how wicked this amp sounds!! Drove it with a Gibson LP Standard, both pick-ups, and with a Weber Silver Ten speaker in the 1×10″ cabinet.

Eat your heart out, Jimmy Page!

The Stinger Speaker Shootout List

Thursday, January 20th, 2011 by Gabi

With help from my buddy Peter, I narrowed down the speakers I’m going to try out with the 1×12 (or 1×10″) Gabriel Stinger 7 watt combo. For some mysterious reason I lean towards the 10 inch speaker configuration more than the 12 inch. The Stinger is a 7 watt single ended amp, and I assume it will¬† perform better through a 10 inch speaker because of the more focused sound dispersion characteristic. I suspect bass will also be more tight as compared to a 12 inch speaker. Here is a list and also a video update on the Stinger status. Hope you enjoy it!

Weber 10F150T (replacement for Jensen 10q)
Weber AlNiCo Signature 10
Weber 10A125
Webber AlNiCo Silver Ten (Silver Bell)
Webber AlNiCo 10V (paper or hempcone)
Webber AlNiCo 10VS (paper or hemp)
Celestion Greenback 10
Celestion AlNiCo Gold 10″

And of course I’ll have the 12″ counterparts available, like the Celestion G12H30, the AlNiCo Blue, and the Greenback G12M.

Later on I will post the results of this speaker shootout for the Stinger amp. Will post a video with the sound bites also and let you guys vote for the best speaker!

I am curious to hear if you have a specific speaker in mind that you would suggest testing the Stinger with! Please leave a comment below!