Fat Tone Guitars – Dan Armstrong and Gabriel V18

A fantastic and full of character local dealer I cherish a lot is Fat Tone Guitars, a music store located in Northbrook IL, got lucky enough to record a killer video demo of the Gabriel V18 1×12″ combo, that didn’t spend a week in the store before it was sold.

Steve Gerlach of Fat Tone Guitars flexes the muscles of the Ampeg Dan Armstrong AMD100 guitar and the Gabriel V18 1×12″ Combo.

A gem in the crown of Gabriel Amps, the V18 guitar amp combo¬†pulls the best and most coveted vintage tones, in superb compact and light 1×12″ box, ready to serve you for your weekend gigs without breaking your back.

And as if that’s not enough of a treat, they offer a super BONUS if you can email the the names of the songs Steve played for a 10% discount at www.fattoneguitars.com through for 1 year!!!! Hear that amp howlin’!

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