V18 Video Demo

So, I guess this is my first “official” demo of the Gabrièl V18 guitar tube amp. I just can’t believe after all these years I didn’t do any!
I had a couple attempts, but I tossed them because I thought they were “un-professional” or ugly, or I do to many “uhms”, etc. Slowly I am realizing that I will never get a perfect video, with a perfect script (Dang! I even tried to memorize a script – so LAME!), and all that!

I decided that in the end I’ll post an un-edited video just the way it is. This way hoping that the listeners will connect with the human, prone-to-failure part of me in some mysterious way, and hopefully get something educational out of it too! Heck if Julia Child did it… 🙂

I will have to say that Ed Dale’s videos of The 30 Day Challenge were of IMMENSE inspiration for me, right at the moment when I wanted to throw in the towel!

So, ladies and gentleman here is the unedited, uncut, first video of the Gabrièl V18 guitar tube amplifier:

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